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Introduction to ICT apprenticeship course

How do IT apprenticeships support progression?

Here at EMA Training, we have designed our apprenticeship courses to be the ideal stepping stone for young professionals eager to start or develop their careers. Do you have a passion for problem-solving and like working in a team? Your skills can come in handy in helping solve customer IT challenges or acting as the go-to IT support for your colleagues.

Our Information Communications Technician (ICT) course is a fantastic example of this. This course has been created by industry experts, ensuring that apprentices are not only learning the necessary skills for their course but also skills that will excel in their careers.

Led by the same industry experts, our ICT apprenticeship course is delivered through face-to-face training from our high-tech Digital Training Hub. This teaching approach allows apprentices to build their social skills, alongside their technical skills, in a modern, collaborative facility.


Why are these skills important for a career in IT?

The EMA team take the responsibility of apprentice progression seriously. We want to impact the lives of every apprentice that steps through our doors, readying them for their career ahead. Our team work hard to ensure apprentices not only know the answers to the questions, and can pass their exams, but that they’re good people, an asset to a team, a valued individual. In 2022, our efforts were recognised, and EMA received a ‘Good’ Ofsted grade, with ‘Outstanding’ for Personal Development. Read all about this, here.

In our eyes, this is important in any and every industry. But let’s talk specifics…
Many of our ICT apprentices work as Helpdesk Technicians, supporting internal teams, and external clients and heavily relying on their communication skills to do so. Alongside communication, our Trainers and Mentors upskill their apprentices in problem-solving and critical thinking; skills that support the growth of an IT Technician.


What do we mean when we say industry-relevant skills?

To put it simply: skills that apprentices will use in the workplace to fulfil their job role.

Our ICT course is accredited by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, a globally recognised awarding body, and aligns with the leading industry skills framework.
Let’s break this down!

The ICT course is made up of 6 modules:

Information Communication Technician Core Knowledge

Introduction to IT & Networking

Introduction to Server Management

Introduction to Network Security

Fundamentals of Cloud Services

Scripting languages for IT practitioners

Read more about the modules here.

Apprentices will progress through the modules, developing an understanding of the different subject areas within the IT industry. Starting with ‘Information Communication Technician Core Knowledge’, is designed to challenge apprentices, encouraging quick-thinking and efficient problem-solving.

ICT Apprentice, Brandon Hotter, shared, “My knowledge around ICT has greatly increased alongside my apprenticeship and I am now more confident. As this has happened, my role responsibilities have also grown; I have access to more systems and more tasks to action.”

Soon to progress onto the Level 4 Network Engineer apprenticeship course, Brandon reflected on his ICT Level 3; “A highlight from the course has been creating a script to decrease disk space throughout a shared server so that it doesn’t cause problems when people reach their disk limit. It was a good learning experience and part of my final project.”

The apprenticeship course has been a brilliant support to the development of Brandon’s career. Our team have enjoyed watching Brandon flourish: his Apprenticeship Mentor Holly shared, “Brandon has been a model apprentice since becoming a Learner! Eager to learn, an efficient, hard worker, and overall, a joy to support.”


Is this the right course for you?

Our ICT apprenticeship course could be just what you’re looking for!

If you have a passion for IT and all things tech, this course is a great opportunity to turn that passion into a career. Our brilliant Recruitment Team will support you in finding a fantastic Employer to take you on! Check out our latest vacancies here: https://www.ematraining.co.uk/vacancies/

Check out some of our IT & Digital case studies:
ICT Technician, Josh Mills
Digital Support Technician, Ruby Birks 

Are you already in your IT career, looking to upskill? This course is also a great option for you!
You can continue working under your current employer, carrying out your day-to-day job role, but developing your skillset and working towards a nationally recognised qualification.
Interested? Get in touch with our team today: https://www.ematraining.co.uk/contact-us/


Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding our apprenticeship courses, please explore our website www.ematraining/courses.co.uk

Or contact the team today at [email protected]





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