Digital Support Technician Apprentice Case Study

EMA's 1st Line Support Technician and Facilities Co-Ordinator

Digital Support Technician Apprentice – Meet Michael!

Q1 What first interested you in a level 3 apprenticeship in the digital industry?

“Right from being at school, I was always interested in technology and the digital world. After taking IT at school, I became very interested in the subject, finding a passion for developing my skillset and stepping into the digital industry. With apprenticeships also standing out compared to the traditional route, I found a digital apprenticeship was perfect for me.”

Q2 What led you to choose the Digital Support Technician course over EMA’s other digital courses?

“I chose the Digital Support Technician course, as I liked the idea of gaining a wide variety of skills and knowledge that covered the Digital sector. The Digital Support Technician course showcased a lot of topics from Digital Marketing to IT elements. The Digital Support Technician course appealed to me as it allowed me to focus on technology whilst also covering topics in IT and Digital Marketing. Coming straight from Secondary School I was looking forward to learning any new knowledge that I could build on from IT classes at school.”

Q3 How did your role responsibilities progress during your Level 3 Digital Support Technician apprenticeship?

“My role responsibilities progressed during my apprenticeship from researching and getting to know the company, to working alongside the IT Technician and supporting with some Marketing tasks.

These roles could be setting up PCs for students, and fixing issues with Wi-Fi, software or systems. From a Marketing side, this could be supporting with social media posting, video editing or software solutions.

My biggest job role responsibility was managing a move to another building. I project managed the move and organised building work and technology like access control, CCTV and interactive displays.”

Q4 How did your technical skills develop over the course of your apprenticeship?

“My technician skills developed over my apprenticeship, and I developed new skills like researching, presenting, communication and project management.

By the end of my apprenticeship, I had the relevant skills to project manage a business move into a new building, organising building work, technology and general day-to-day maintenance.”

Q5 How did you find out about apprenticeships?

“I found out about my apprenticeship through the Gov apprenticeship website. I saw the Apprenticeship there and liked the look of the job role, so I decided to apply for it. I first heard about the Gov apprenticeship website through research online. I first heard about apprenticeships through careers classes at school, however, my own research allowed me to gain a full understanding.”

Q6 What was your experience like starting an apprenticeship straight after secondary school?

“I found that starting my apprenticeship straight from Secondary School was the right option for me. I was ready to get out of a School classroom environment and start my working career.

An apprenticeship was the perfect solution for this, I could start working and gain the relevant knowledge (like I would at college) but in a better environment and also earn a wage.”

Q7 What advice would you give to school leavers considering the apprenticeship route?

“If you are ready for a new challenge and a change of environment from School, then an apprenticeship is a great option. You can develop your skills and knowledge whilst earning a wage, gaining a qualification and getting your foot in the door at a business. It is a perfect way to kickstart your career, so go for it!”

Q8 How has your apprenticeship impacted you on a personal level?

“My apprenticeship has impacted me on a personal level in a positive way. I feel I have developed skills inside my apprenticeship that have helped me outside of my apprenticeship.

I feel I developed my confidence and communication skills which have all come in handy in my personal life. Also, the knowledge I have gained has allowed me to improve on systems and use various software in my personal time which has allowed me to save time and money.”

Q9 What has been your greatest achievement so far?

“I would say my greatest achievement so far is passing my level 3 apprenticeship with a Distinction as well as passing both of my exams within my apprenticeship first time. I was nervous about my exams as it was the first time I had sat them in my course. When I found out I passed the both I was pleased. When I found out I passed my apprenticeship with a distinction I was also very pleased, as it meant I had succeeded during my course.”

Q10 Having completed your Level 3 course, what is next for you?

“Next for me is the progression into a full-time job. After I completed level 3 I was pleased to accept a job offer and start my full-time career with EMA Training.

Once the Network Engineer Level 4 is up and running I may look into that to develop my knowledge further. The current job role that I am doing is Digital Support and Facilities Co-Ordinator, where my main roles are to provide digital support and also manage and maintain all 3 of the company’s buildings.

The Network Engineer Level 4 is a carry on from the Digital Support Technician Level 3 where I can build on the knowledge learnt and focus on applications and support users with them.

In a year’s time, I see myself progressing through my job role with the knowledge and skills learnt from my apprenticeship that will help me to progress in my career.”

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