What is it like to study a Digital Marketer apprenticeship? | Q&A with Lucy

Please introduce yourself and your job role.

My name is Lucy, I work at Cosy Direct and I’m a Marketing Executive, cosy direct is a resource, and provider, for early years and primary.

Why were you interested in a Digital Marketer apprenticeship?

I’ve always been interested in marketing, my auntie has done marketing and so I’ve learnt a lot from her, but I just felt like Uni wasn’t for me. I wanted to learn whilst earning and gain a qualification whilst learning on the job.

How did your soft skills progress during your apprenticeship?

I developed a lot of time management skills and I found that you’re given a lot of responsibilities, so you’ve just got to make sure you do it all at one time and prioritize things. My confidence, that’sEMA Apprentice Lucy being filmed about her Digital Marketer apprenticeship. definitely developed a lot by pushing forward ideas.

Taking responsibility – you’ll be given a lot of responsibilities during an apprenticeship. For me, I took over their social media so Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, running them on a daily basis as well as developing an App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy as well, which was really interesting to do.

How did your technical skills progress?

In terms of technical skills, I’ve learned a lot of different software and how to use them, for example, creative ones like Canva. With there being so many, I also looked at different scheduling tools, deciding which one best suited the company’s needs.

I’ve developed my analytical skills as well. I did this by looking at which of our social posts receive the most engagement. I would also keep track of how our app would be doing on the app store, looking where we rank, how many people have looked at our page, as well as other things.

If you would like to watch Lucy’s Q&A, head over to our YouTube channel.

Talk me through a day in your shoes as an apprentice when in the EMA Training Hub.

On a normal day in the Hub at EMA, we would come in, and have some social time, giving us the chance to catch up with the other apprentices on your course. Louisa would then present some slides to the class, introducing the particular knowledge module that we’d be learning that day.

Following a learning session, we would also take part in some quizzes to make sure everything sank in, and we had consolidated everything.

How would you describe the support you received during your apprenticeship?

Louisa was really helpful during my apprenticeship; whenever I had a question, she’d be there to answer it.

She was really supportive with the exams as well. They can be quite stressful at times, and Louisa would offer further support to us during the exam periods, making sure we knew everything and were managing any stress.

What advice would you give to anyone considering an apprenticeship?

My advice to someone considering starting an apprenticeship would be to just push yourself – there are so many out there, make sure to explore them all!

In any of your interviews, just go for it. They can be quite scary at times, but push yourself, have confidence and believe in yourself.


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Posted on: 18.07.2022
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