Payroll Apprentice Case Study

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Payroll Administrator Apprentice Case Study – Meet Oliver!

We are taking full advantage of National Payroll Week and asking some of our Payroll Apprentices about their apprenticeship experience.

Oliver is a Payroll Apprentice, working at Zellis. He has been in his apprenticeship for two months and is currently really enjoying the ins and outs of learning and working.

Oliver shares more in the following Q&A…

Q1 What first interested you in a payroll apprenticeship?

“I have always had an interest in numbers and calculations. I thought finance would be a good field to get into to pursue the skills and interests I had. A payroll apprenticeship came up and it felt like the right job to get stuck into.”

Q2 How did you find out about EMA?

“I found out about EMA when I started my job at Zellis, and beforehand when I had to do interviews which was sent over to EMA, and now I have project calls and project work which goes through EMA training.”

Q3 What led you to choose the Level 3 Payroll course over EMA’s other finance courses?

“I found my apprenticeship on the government website and after reading all about Zellis and all about the course it caught my eye very quickly. I am very glad I have chosen this course with EMA, and I enjoy doing all the projects, calls and payroll at Zellis.”

Q4 How did your role responsibilities progress during your apprenticeship?

“As I have developed through this apprenticeship, I have adapted to learning and working independently. Because I have a lot of work and college work at the same time, independence and resilience to get through all the work have been important. Taking responsibility for my learning and development, alongside receiving support from managers and apprenticeship trainers, has been great, and allowed me to consistently enhance my role.”

Q5 How did your technical skills develop over the course of your apprenticeship?

“My technical skills have enhanced over the 2 months that I have been on this apprenticeship, being able to figure things out a lot quicker and to do it a lot more efficiently, whereas at the start my technical skills towards the payroll job were lacking.”

Q6 How did you find out about apprenticeships?

“After struggling to find work, as I was looking at warehouse jobs and other jobs that were not really suitable to me, I thought apprenticeships was a great way forward. I found my apprenticeship through the government website. The gov.uk website is a very useful website to find apprenticeships. It’s easy to find a role that is suited to your qualities, and it is very easy to apply.”

Q7 What was your experience like starting an apprenticeship?

“After secondary education I attended college, achieving a diploma in business. Covid-19 happened once I finished and I decided to go into full-time work rather than University.

I got a job at Royal Mail which is a completely different field to what I expected to go into, so after leaving that, I didn’t know what to do. Finding an apprenticeship in payroll was a great help, as it is a job I thoroughly enjoy. I love to work and enjoy developing my skills every day; I recommend it highly to anyone, especially if they do not know what to do with themselves work-wise/education-wise.”

Q8 What advice would you give to someone considering an apprenticeship?

“My advice to anyone considering the apprenticeship route at all, whether they are leaving school/leaving college, or even finishing university, is to stick with what you love and what you are good at – you will find a job that is suitable to you. Whether that be like me going into numbers and payroll, or maybe health for someone else – it will make it a lot more enjoyable and will enhance your skills to the fullest.”

Q9 How has your apprenticeship impacted you on a personal level?

“Being on an apprenticeship allows me to be consistently learning, whether I am at home working on my laptop or in the office with my colleagues. The hybrid nature of my apprenticeship has been really beneficial to me.”

Q10 What has been your greatest achievement so far?

“My greatest achievement in my work-life has been getting past all the interviews to get the job at Zellis and apprenticeship with EMA Training. I’m also proud of myself for handling the responsibilities I have been given, e.g. successfully working independently.”

The team here at EMA Training are really looking forward to witnessing Oliver’s progression as he continues achieving throughout his apprenticeship.

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EMA Training Quote Icon “Being on an apprenticeship allows me to be consistently learning, whether I am at home working on my laptop or in the office with my colleagues. The hybrid nature of my apprenticeship has been really beneficial to me…” Payroll Administrator Apprentice, Oliver
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